Checchi & Magli also offer plastic mulch layer machines, which can be run in unison with the transplanter, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Checchi & Magli Transplanters

Welcome to Checchi & Magli Australia

Checchi & Magli are manufacturers of world classseedling transplanters used around the globe. The transplanters have been used by Australian farmers for over 30 years.

The seedling planter system is a modular, flexible system that provides solutions from single row right through to wide 6 row multi configurations and different planting mechanisms to suit the different plant types and planting methods.

Checchi & Magli also offer plastic mulch layer machines,which have the capacity to lay irrigation hose, reducing the costs of buying a second machine. You can run the plastic mulch layer machine and a Checchi & Magli transplanting machine in unison.

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