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    Bulb and tuber planter

    When planting tulips, garlic or other bulbs and tubers, you will want to plant them at a uniform distance and depth for the best results. Not too close or too far apart, not too deep or too shallow. An automatic bulb and tuber planter will help you achieve consistent spacing and depth while also speeding up your planting process.

    The Checchi & Magli range of automatic planters is designed specifically for bulbs and tubers. Importantly, the wheel and disc distribution system covers the bulbs to lock in moisture and protect them from the weather.

    Bulbs and Tubers Planter

    F300L Planter

    F300L Planter

    The F300L is an automatic transplanter which has been specifically designed for seeding potoates, garlic bulbs and other tubers or bulbs
    Trium Transplanter

    Trium Transplanter

    The Trium transplanter is a semi-automatic seedling transplanter for square and pyramid-shaped cells, and plants up to 6 cm in diameter