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    Melons, Capsicum, Eggplants

    Plastic mulch holds moisture in and reduces weeds so it’s a popular method for planting melons, capsicum and eggplants. When transplanting seedlings through the plastic mulch, you need a machine that perforates the plastic and plants accurately to a consistent depth and is adjustable for variable row and plant spacing.

    The Checchi & Magli transplanting machines have a unique perforating cup design, available in several sizes. This gives you flexibility to change the cup according to your spacing requirements and ensure that no unnecessary openings remain in the plastic mulch to attract weeds.

    You can run the transplanting machine and a Checchi & Magli plastic mulch layer machine in unison. This provides an efficient, single-pass method to form the bed, lay and seal the plastic and plant melons, capsicum and eggplants.

    Melons, Capsicum, Eggplant Planters

    Wolf D4 Transplanter

    Wolf D4 Transplanter

    The Wolf D4 is a semi-automatic transplanter for square and pyramid-shaped cells and, and plants up to 7 cm in diameter through plastic
    Trium Transplanter

    Trium Transplanter

    The Trium transplanter is a semi-automatic seedling transplanter for square and pyramid-shaped cells, and plants up to 6 cm in diameter