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    Plastic mulch layer machines

    If you are using plastic mulch on your farm, you will want the plastic layer machine to set it as tight and firm as possible to maximise the accuracy of the transplanting.

    The Checchi & Magli plastic layer machines lay plastic mulch from 800mm – 1.6m wide and the spring-loaded wheels ensure an even tension across the mulch.

    Checchi & Magli plastic layer machines also have the capacity to lay irrigation hose, reducing the costs of buying a second machine. You can run the plastic mulch layer machine and a Checchi & Magli transplanting machine in unison. This provides an efficient, single-pass method to form the bed, lay and seal the plastic and plant tomatoes, zucchini, melons and pumpkins.

    Laying of Plastic Mulch

    Wolf D4 Transplanter

    Wolf D4 Transplanter

    The Wolf D4 is a semi-automatic transplanter for square and pyramid-shaped cells and, and plants up to 7 cm in diameter through plastic